Gen NEX^ 

Coalition of Advocates Under 30

Generation NEX^ is our strategy to mobilize Young People under 30 to take action where they are. These are folks removed from the traditional classroom setting now serving as voters, tax payers, parents, etc in Washington DC. They must Own, Protect, and Use their rights as citizens to make change around issues affecting their communities. They must be the change they wish to see and take on a "Why Not Us?" attitude toward affecting legislation.


Gen NEX^ Projects

Mobilizing Activist Under 30

NEX^ Talks

Progressive Discussion Series

The Goal for our Progressive Discussion Series is to create an ecosystem that fosters creative approaches to civic engagement among millennials and educates our community on various channels of engagement with elected officials and external stakeholders.


Weekly Newsletter Highlighting Advocacy + Policy

An informed and engaging blend of global, national, and local political news from the millennial perspective. Including sections regarding suggested social media accounts, progressive lifestyle practices, and local advocacy and service opportunities.


Podcast Series Highlighting Ed Reform + Advocacy 

The NEX^ Podcast will serve as an additional information dissemination tool for our network. We will be live recording our “PD” Series and using the content there to generate episodes that have an organic conversational feel. For those that are unable to physically attend the monthly “PD”, this will allow them to remain informed and engaged in the conversation.


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